Tuesday, October 30, 2007

A Mess!!!

It is funny how even a toddler knows a mess when they see one! Yes my house is officially a mess, how do I know???? Meredith told me so. This past week my dear husband was off of work and home to study for a big test. So we tried to stay out of his way and be quiet. He often went to the library or coffee shop when we weren't quiet enough. Somewhere in the course of the week our house was turned upside down and shook violently. Everything fell out of it's place and now nothing is where it is supposed to be. So this morning, with my big preggo belly I decided something had to be done and I started to pick up the mess (gasp!) I really did, Meredith decided to help and followed me around also picking up things saying..... Mess! Mess! Mess!

When we were in my bedroom picking up all sorts of who knows what off the floor, she said....Dada Mess!

When we were in the kitchen picking up everything off of the floor and countertops, she said ..... Mama Mess!

When we were in the living room picking up clothes/toys/diapers/cups/and really the list could go on, but I would die of embarrasment, she said.....Mama Mess! Dada Mess!

When we went into the toyroom, I shook my head and shut the door!

When I picked up all of her clothes and stuff and headed upstairs to put them away in her room, she said.....Bwownie Mess! Bwownie Mess!

So I said who made this mess and she said.... Lie-Lee!
So I asked again, Who made this mess in YOUR room? And her reply was again.... Lie-Lee -- Bwownie!

Yep poor Lily & Brownie in Meredith's world they are blamed for everything and poor Lily(Leigh's dog) doesn't even live in this state!


Lindsey said...

that is soo funny! i can just picture it now!

The Owen Family said...

That is a CUTE CUTE story!!