Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little Betty Crocker & Her Momma!

Well today Mimi came over, she bathed Noah, did tons of laundry for us, and pretty much helped us all day! Thanks Mimi! While she was here, Meredith and I ventured out on a little trip to the grocery store and Fred's Dollar Store. We went to Fred's because I needed a bundt cake pan, and since Noah is nursing round the clock I didn't have time to hit a good cake pan store....Fred's happens to be conveniently located next to the grocery. So Fred's it was and let me tell you that pan worked great! Anyway we then went to the grocery, but before we headed in, we went to the bakery section to get a cookie (my bribe to keep Meredith in the front of the cart, belted in) She got a cookie and I got to grocery shop with my favorite girl! We got some staples (oreos, chocolate chip cookies, yogurt juice, frozen kid cuisines, pizza rolls) You know staples! We also got ingredients for a double chocolate chip pound cake! Yum! That required things like yellow cake mix, sugar, chocolate pudding, milk chocolate chip morsels, and the other basics....eggs, oil, water, you know. So we came home, fed Noah and then Mimi gave us more quality time, while me and my little Betty Crocker baked the cake. She poured in all the ingredients with a little assistance, however when it came to the chocolate chip morsels she was all over that. Let's just say 1/3 went in the cake, 1/3 were consumed by little Betty, and 1/3 wound up on the floor with me on my hands and knees fighting Brownie for them. (I know chocolate can be deadly for dogs, but brownie was faster than me!) However we did finish the cake, it was a huge milestone.......Meredith's first cake that she pretty much did with just a little help, and mine too! I loved baking with little Betty, I think we will make it a weekly thing or at least monthly!

Oh and the cake was rather delicious!!!!

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Caryn said...

what the heck?? Didn't you just have a baby....your second baby? And you are baking?? You are raising the bar way too high!!