Monday, November 26, 2007

Going at it Solo!

Well tomorrow is a big day! As Meredith says....Dada at wuuuurk! Yep it is true, Josh goes back to work and I just want to cry. He has been an amazing around here lately and not just doing dishes and laundry, but spending time with his kids and wife.

So yes tomorrow I am going at it solo and I am very sad, not because I can't handle it, because "if you are handed it, you can handle it!" And I know althougth it has been tough around here, I can do it! I am sad because I will miss him, I will miss my partner in crime. The one who sits at the kitchen table after lunch to crack jokes and make me smile, the one who tagged team diapers with me this week, the one who took shifts at night with our littlest one, the one who brought me vanilla frappuchinos in bed, the one who ate breakfast with us each morning, the one who sat at the kitchen table today with playdoh, the one who held noah as he consumed his lunch. I will miss him more than he knows.

I even begged him to let us come sit in his office tomorrow, I promised we would all be quiet! I really think we could!


The Owen Family said...

I am thinking about you today! Hope it goes well. You are going to do great!! Such a cute little momma! Two lucky babies! Thought I may try to drop by tomorrow? Both of mine are at school and I could swing by, if you are too swamped/tired/overwhelmed this week then I can come another. Wanted to see it ALL in action!

Lisa P said...

LOL. Yeah, totally quiet sitting in Josh's office.

Just know you aren't alone. It's definitely an adjustment. I imagine Josh is going to have to get used to being at work instead of having fun with his family too. Sounds like he really enjoyed his time at home.

Adalyn's World Views said...

Let me know if you need anything. We will be around. You can do it!!!