Thursday, November 15, 2007

Old Paw!!!

This week Meredith has been spending some quality time with her Old Paw! That would be her great grandfather. He can be a bit rough around the edges and fuss a little, but not to her..... she loves him. It is amazing to watch how she walks right up to him and gives him a kiss. Did I mention my child was pretty shy!!!! But not with Old Paw. Now when we pull up to Mimi & Papa's instead of asking for Papa she wants Old Paw or Paw Paw, those are her two names of choice for him. He got in town Saturday night and he was wearing a hat, we have seen him everyday since and each time she sees him she wants to know where that hat went. It really is adorable to watch her with him. It melts my heart, Old Paw was such a big part of my life and I am glad he got to be a part of hers as well. I only wish my grandmother would have gotten to meet Meredith too! Thanks Old Paw for making dinner for us tonight, we had a great time!

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