Wednesday, December 12, 2007

All I want for Christmas.....

Is a new front tooth! A new front tooth!

That is the song my dear husband has been singing for two years now and finally it he is getting it this Christmas!!! Remember that storm that blew through the great city of Nawlins, I think they called it Katrina. Yeah that is the one. Well after that storm our house had a little water damage, well a lot of damage in a little area. Anyway the roof came off, everything was wet, mildewed and smelled rather nasty! So Josh and my mom were pulling off sheetrock with hammers and I was in the shower. Do you see where this is going.... Next thing you know my mom comes barreling into the bathroom yelling "Josh just knocked his tooth out! Hurry!" I think she said something like that, it was on top of her either crying or laughing. Well knowing my mom, I will go with the latter, she was laughing. So like a nut I jump out the shower, soap in my hair and run to see what is going on and there is Josh missing his top front tooth. My mom is killing herself laughing, Josh is between laughing and crying, but thankfully not in pain. And I am sitting there have no tooth and a very important job interview very soon!!!

Needless to say in Katrina land the people were all evacuated, including dentist. I think it took a good 2 weeks before I got him an appointment with one. We did get one a few days later in a different city that is 45 mintues away, but with katrina traffic it took 2+ hours to get there. Well on the day of his appointment after sitting in traffic and road blocks and having his ID's checked at various checkpoints, he gets there only to find out the dentist was sick that day and couldn't make it in. Why didn't they tell us you are wondering...... well we were in Katrina Land..... NO cell phone service and phones lines were non-existant. We lived in times before the Flintstones - people! No phones, no tv's, no groceries, no fast food, no delivery, no INTERNET! Eventually our dentist opened his clinic in Nola one day a week and after begging he fit Josh in! Yay for a replacement temporary tooth! Did I mention he had an interview with his new job, like the next day. I mean who would have hired a doctor missing a front tooth.

Fast forward to today.....after 2 temporary replacement teeth, 3 dentist, 2 oral surgeons, 1 appointment where they pulled 4 teeth and he was swollen and looked awful, 1 implant put in, 6 months with a denture, a broken denture, a panicked call from my husband saying get me a dentist appointment now "TO FIX THIS DAMN DENTURE!", his wife telling him if they can't fix that denture you CANNOT have clinic tomorrow or ever again with real life patients until they fix that DAMN DENTURE!, sleeping next to a toothless man for many months and a couple of dinners where he took the denture out at a restaurant to entertain our friends.......... he is finally getting a REAL permanent tooth. I am so excited I can't see straight!

So yes, all Josh wants for Christmas is a new front tooth! and then he can actually say tooth instead of toof!

Edited to add: he got home yesterday 45 minutes after his appointment with no tooth! Ugh! It was off on color so they are changing it and maybe monday! maybe! The tooth saga continues!!!!


Jaimie said...

HAHA...I remember when that happened. Poor Josh!

Adalyn's World Views said...

I do have to say it was the highlight for me that night at dinner. I get a smile on my face just thinking about it. I wish Adalyn could see it. I think she would really laugh!