Monday, December 10, 2007

Mimi's and Meemaw's

Here is Meredith and her cute little friend Adalyn. And even at the tender ages of 20 months and a little over 2, they know where the bread is buttered.
One day last week, my mom and I brought Meredith and Noah to have their christmas pictures taken with a local photographer. We met up with Adalyn and her Mommy and Meemaw. After Meredith and Adalyn had their picture taken, they each got a cookie and balloon from the photographer. Those picture people really know what they are doing, as that was the highlight of Meredith's day. Anyway once Meredith consumed her cookie she started playing with her balloon. She let it go twice and both times I reached up and got it and handed it back to her only to have her let it go again! Clearly this was a game. So after the third time I looked up at the balloon and said "bye bye balloon! Mommy can't reach!" Meredith started to whine a little and that is when Adalyn came to her rescue and said "That's okay Mimi will get it!"


laurie said...

They look BEAUTIFUL!!!!! And what smart little cookies they are!!!

Adalyn's World Views said...

Adalyn is so excited to see her holding hands with Meredith. Maybe one day she won't drive her crazy!