Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa Claus is coming to town!

So I bought a Santa visit as part of a fundraiser for an organization I am in! It is pretty neat, I buy the ticket and then the big guy dressed in red, comes to my house, picks up gifts I leave on the porch for the kids and then hands them out to them.

anyway here is my little elf waiting for Santa...Now that you are here...please don't talk or touch me!!Noah loving him some Santa Man! He really loved that beard!!!
Okay I will take a quick picture if I can have a candy cane!

And that is the truth, Meredith wouldn't go to Santa for a present or to say hello, but the minute he mentioned "candy" she was all over that! Not long enough to get a picture though! She did give him a cookie, of course she had to take a bite first to make sure it was okay!!!

Oh and Josh plays Santa tonight! See what me being a member of the garden club does for him!!!!

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