Sunday, December 23, 2007

What was I thinking????

So for the past month I have been telling my husband, that I wasn't sure Santa had enough loot this year. Then, this Santa would run out and by just one more thing. Well last night the two Santas got together and pulled out the loot to make sure we had enough. I am embarrased to say how much we had. What was I thinking???? My children have so much loot that I put some away for birthdays, Easter, and other holidays. I know I went overboard, but I grew up in a house where my Santa went overboard too. It comes hand in hand with wanting to give your children everything (within reason of course). I don't think my child is a brat or overly spoiled, she is a rather sweet child with a great disposition. And I don't think I am brat and am overly spoiled and think I grew up to be a decent adult and there was nothing I needed or wanted for growing up. We had great Christmas mornings growing up, as well as great birthdays, and a fabulous education. All the things in life that I hope we can give our kids too. So is too much wrong? Am I spoiling them and turning them into a brats? Am I setting the bar too high? Is it okay to make this holiday magical and light up their lives with tons of loot?

I will say.... the day after Christmas we are going through old toys that we don't play with anymore and donating them to charity. But to answer myself..... No I don't think teaching them to believe in a magical holiday where they get tons of gifts once a year and spoiling them while they are little and believe and while I am able to is bad. As long as I teach them the real meaning of the holiday and to respect others and love others and share their good fortunes with those less fortunate, I think we will be okay.

So Merry Christmas all, I will post some pictures of the loot after Christmas. And who knows once all the toys are open and they are spread throughout my house, I will think I am nuts and did go overboard and wish I would have never stepped foot in a toy store.

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