Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My sweet baby boy

Noah and I were laying here tonight, in my bed with my laptop looking at our favorite blogs together, okay he was laying here smiling and cooing and I was surfing the blogs. And then I thought....wait, here is my sweet baby and me....just brownie distractions, except for my stinking laptop (which I am seriously addicted too!)....why not spend time with my baby. So I did and I nuggled right into him. Do you know how sweet a baby smells? Or how soft their skin is? or how when you talk to them with that babyease their whole face lights up and they have that sweet little grin? Talk about melt your heart! This is life, this is why we are here, not to work all day and night and make money. Albeit necessary, but if we don't take time to enjoy the small things, what is the point. If I had a wish right now it would not be for money, or to be out of debt, especially in this mortgage crisis and threatening recession.....It would be to slow down time. I do not want to stop it, I just want to slow it down. I want to remember to not worry so much over everything else and play with my kids. To snuggle close to my baby, who will be in highschool before I know it. I just want it to slooooooooooowww down. Do you know how quickly time flies when you have a 3 hour alarm clock. Mine goes off every 3 hours day and night, it makes the day fly! Only 3 feedings until Josh is home, 1 feeding to lunch, 2 feedings for bed time, 4 hours of sleep before the next feeding.

Please time, slow down, my baby boy is growing way too fast!

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