Friday, January 4, 2008

Nothing to Wear

Meredith, like most women, had a "I have nothing to wear" moment the other day! We tried on a few outfits and various accessories, until we found the perfect look. Here is a progression of her selection.....

Mom I don't know what I am wearing today, but I must wear these FABULOUS rain boots! It is okay if it isn't raining.
Hmmm what do you think of this dress, I love it. I'm just not sure if it is "me" today, know what I mean???? The rain boots look fabulous though.
I'm still not sure about the dress, let's call daddy up here to see what he thinks???
I agree with daddy, the dress is beautiful, but it just isn't me today.Okay this new Abby Cadabby outfit is kind of cute right!?! It works doesn't it? what about the hat, is it too much!
I must say mom, I can pull off any look!!!
Yeah the hat was too much, I LOVE the red & white striped bow though, this look definitely works for me! Enough with the pictures already, let's go!
And that ladies and gentlemen, is how she went about her day! Red & white striped bow, Abby Cadabby outfit with the tulle skirt and the rain boots. I kid you not and really she did look fabulous.

Meanwhile, Noah said whatever we put him in was fine. He really didn't care, he was just doing what he does best!

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