Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tips for shopping with a toddler and a newborn

1. - Forget the damn double stroller go somewhere that has a buggy! That son-of-a-you-know-what is hard to open by yourself.

2. - Make sure that the baby is in the buggy in the infant seat out of harms way of the toddler who will try to throw things at the baby.

3. - Bring lots of food to occupy said toddler who is riding in the seat in the front where you can grab their arms as they try to grab things off the shelf and shove them ontop of the baby.

4. - Learn to say no - when the toddler points to toys and says "peeeeze, peeeeze mommy!"

5. - Know exactly what you went to the store for and find it quickly and get out!

6. - Learn to ignore the comments "you have your hands full!"..... Yes I have my damn hands full! thanks Einstein!!!!

7. - Make sure you aren't going for too much. Tere will be absolutely no room left in the buggy..... with a toddler and the baby in an infant seat in the buggy. You will have to carry ALL of your purchases while pushing the damn buggy and keeping your toddler from pulling things off shelves, emptying your purse, throwing snacks on the floor and throwing snacks at the baby. ***refer back to #6

Trust me these are good tips, we used them today in our 15 minutes that we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I did manage to get 2 storage bins, 6 picture frames and a prize for when a certain someone goes to the big girl potty. Hey it was on clearence and she did say "peeeze!"

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Blair said...

oh do I feel your pain. the other day I went grocery shopping with both of them. Couldn't find a kid friendly buggy, so Char rode in the buggy and Frances in her car seat was by me. When there got to be too much stuff in the buggy for Charlotte, I had to carry her (yes carry her while pushing the buggy) for the rest of the shopping trip.
Good times.
And I know, they are close in age. I have my hands full. Life is busy. etc. etc. etc. I hear it about 20 times an outing