Monday, January 21, 2008

Up and at 'em..... not so much

Well my 2 tikes were up very early today. Meredith woke at 5:30am screaming for her daddy, Noah was also up at the same time screaming for the boob. I handled Noah and Josh got Meredith. When everyone was done screaming and eating, all 4 of us laid in the bed. Josh and Noah snuggled and went right back to sleep. Meredith snuggled with me and this is what transpired.....

Meredith whispers: "Momma.....Momma"



"No ....lay down"

"Momma out!" a little louder

"Meredith, shhhhh bubby and daddy are sleeping, lay down"

"Mama, shhhh! out"

"Lay down we are not getting out of bed!"

", no out"

"that's right lay down and go night, night!"

tiniest whisper..."momma...... no, no out"

at that point I just put the pillow over my head, eventually she did lay back down with her head on my feet and fall asleep.

**out -- means out of the bed!

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