Tuesday, February 26, 2008

did i say sleep....

No one is sleeping, do not even be a little jealous of me. Last night, I am not sure what was in that tilapia I cooked or the veggies or heck the water, but there was NO sleeping going on here. Meredith was up until 1030pm crying, not sure what was up with that. The past 3 nights she has cried when we put her to bed and has not fallen asleep until close to 10pm. So we thought maybe she was getting cramped in her crib. So we decided to move her to her "big gurl bed." Josh put the rails on and the whole time she would point to the rails and say "big gurl bed", she was so excited. Once it was ready, she did not want out of it, even to take a bubble bath.

Then I could not get to sleep. I stayed up watching one of my favorite shows on TLC, John and Kate plus 8. She makes my life seen so normal and un-chaotic. I love it. They went to Disney World and since we are going in October, I had to watch it for pointers. So yes I stayed up until 1:30am. I cannot remember the last time I did that.

Needless to say when Noah woke up at 3am to eat and poop, that new 1:30am bedtime I had killed me. Luckily Josh got up with him to change his diaper and get him back to bed. Unfortunately I was so tired I shortchanged him and cut that feeding short so he was back up at 5am wanting more.

Then Meredith was up at 5:30am crying and just when I got her back to sleep I heard Noah screaming downstairs. Ah the joys of parenting. We were thinking about a 3rd child one day and had decided last night we were pretty confident we did indeed want a 3rd. This morning we decided that 2 really was a nice even number.

Sleep, it is totally over-rated!


Blair said...

Oh I love Jon and Kate! They are fabulous! How early/late was Meredith at getting her teeth? I think Charlotte is getting her 2 year molars (her hands are constantly in her mouth and she nods her head yes when I ask her if her mouth hurts). So maybe try some pain meds?? Charlotte's sleeping has been messed up by this too.

Jennifer said...

Nice to have someone to commiserate with. Jack decided to wake up for the day at 5:15!

Olivia said...

I am a Jon and Kate watcher too. Nothing makes my life seem less nuts than watching that show. Marion is teething and up all the time and David is such a loud grunter that he could wake the dead. We aren't sleeping either.