Thursday, February 21, 2008

She did great!

Surprised the shit out of me! It went really, really well. I dropped her off this morning and she immediately warmed up to the college girl that looked like my cousin Lindsey. She said "in-see" and when the college girl asked her name she proudly said "Mizit!" So after our introduction I told her she would stay and play and mommy would be back to get her later. She was a little hesitant, but she never cried. I left and Miss Angel was holding her. I had to run out to the car to get the sippy cup we left there and when I came back I saw through the window that she was crying and asking for her mommy. Three other mothers had come in to drop off their tikes and she wanted to know where her mommy was. But I put on my brave face, handing the sippy to the director, who promised to call me within the hour to let me know how things were going. And off I headed, heartbroken.

An hour later I got the call, she was doing great. She cried briefly, but now was sitting back and taking it all tears. The director said she was not really interacting with the other tikes, instead just watching, but not crying.
15 minutes later I got another call from the director saying, that now she was definitely interacting and having a good time. I debated on whether to leave her for lunch, afterall I had packed a damn good luvch for her complete with pudding, oh the MDO teachers would have loved me. In the end I picked her up at 11:30am right before lunch, I missed her.

When I went in to get her they were coming back from playing in the temple or sanctuary, whatever Methodist people call their house of worship. They do this when it is a rainy day and they cannot go to the playground. I stood around the corner out of sight and watched her march in her line back to her classroom with a smile on her face. Then I watched her through the glass before we went in to get her. She was smiling and playing and having a good time.

When I walked in to pick her up this was our conversation....

"no, no mommy!" with a big grin

"mommy luuuuunch!" one of the teachers had just said it was time for lunch

"Hey baby, mommy missed you so much, did you have a good time?"

"mommy lunch! wit kidz"

"Yeah did you have a good time playing with the kids?"

"uh-huh, mommy luuuunch!"

"Yep we are going to go home and have lunch!"

"no, no mi-zit luuuunch!" pointing to the lunch table

"yeah next week you can stay for lunch, today we are going home kiddo!"

I would say she had a pretty good day! I on the other hand did not spend my morning productively. I sat with my phone in one hand and bubby in the other waiting for the call. The call that she was screaming her head off and missed me so much she could not and would not survive another second until I rushed right over to the Mother's day out building and rescued her. That call never came, but it did not stop me from sitting and waiting and worrying. Next week I promise to be more productive and do better!
Pictures from today:
Miss Priss getting ready for "school"
Can you see the attitude? I am in big trouble!
Loving her new "purse"

Showing off her school bag, lunch pail ensembleAnd of course the new bags for school, cost me a fortune!


Jennifer said...


How have I missed your blog all this time!?! You are HILARIOUS. Meredith and Noah are the cutest things, and I love getting a preview of what I'm in for in toddler-land. I love the way you tell it like it is!


Blair said...

so sassy with all her bags! I love it! So glad it went well. Don't you love how they are ready to grow up? I want to slow this growing-up train down.

Jess said...

Yeah! I'm so glad she did well. (I would have felt the same way and probably been just as unproductive.) Good for you guys!

The Owen Family said...

Love it! Told you that little miss Miz-it would do great! Aren't they just so cute walking in that little line! So glad she did good!