Saturday, February 23, 2008

She is coming around.....finally

So Meredith is warming up quite nicely to having a baby brother. Perhaps she will get more siblings after all. She still occasionally hits him or raises her hand to hit him and occasionally she still kicks or places her foot right up against his head as if to say.....doubt me and I will do it. But overall she is getting sweeter and sweeter by the day. Here are somethings that happened this week:

- when she wakes up she looks for bubby, then she goes right over to him kisses him and says "Hi bubby, hi bubby!........hi sissy, hi sissy!" it is a one way conversation that takes place.

- the other day poor bubby was crying from exhaustion, but for the life of me I could not find his pacifier (well a pacifier, they both take the same kind.) So I asked Meredith if Bubby could have hers, she thought about it for .5 seconds and then handed it to me. I washed it off and gave it to him and she said "is otay, is otay bubby!"

- at night she sings the goodnight song to him and to her. Josh and I sing it to everyone, Brownie included....but she only sings the verses with No-wee and Mizit!

- if someone she does not know holds bubby she kind of watches them, to see what they will do with him, if they walk away from me for a minute, she will start tugging on me saying "mama, mama..." in her very panicked voice.

- at night she takes out her pacifier to kiss bubby, if his is in...she will take his out too!

- she has tried sharing her pretzel fish and cheerios with him this week....I have to really watch this one.

- the other day I covered bubby with her "bankie" it was her favorite. she did not need it at the moment ....when she saw it, she freaked. I told her bubby was just borrowing it, he would give it back..... and although it was probably one of the hardest things for her to do, she left it on him. I was so proud. This particular blanket was purchased for him, she made it her own before he arrived though.

So yes, she is definitely coming around. It has only taken 3 months, a dozen or so time outs, 1000 be gentle's, 2654 do no kick/hit bubby's, and a couple 1000 gallons or two of patience....for us both.

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