Monday, February 4, 2008

Some days this job is just hard

Ever have one of those days where you just want to crawl back into bed? Today is that day. It started off fine, my tikes have been on great behavior, it just is a hard day. I could not get things together, when I did, I still did not have them together. Noah came to Mommy and Me with us this morning, Meredith really does not like this. So she ignored me, there were way more interesting mommies there anyway. Noah decided he wanted to participate so he cried a good majority of it. That is how it started off. Then there is laundry, no matter how many times I load the damn washer and dryer, there are always more piles. One day my laundry will take over the house and me and my little family will be out on the curb. Then the kitchen, it is never clean. And during that rare moment in the day it is....the mess is not far behind. The floors always need to be slept, toys always need to be picked up, clothes always need to be put away. It is an all day process. Today was supposed to be a fun day, an out of the house day, but for some reason it is just a hard day. My house is a mess, my kitchen a mess, my laundry taking over and my tikes both napping, maybe I will too.

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Tracy THE PAR said...

You are so AWESOME at this JOB!! and I so think you should organize a Mardi Gras for Hattiesburg! you would be sooo good at that stuff!