Monday, February 11, 2008

Things are starting to look better

No vomitting for 24 hours! Woohoo! The light is dim, but it is there. I hate to keep blogging about the flu, but really that is all that is going on here. meredith missed her mommy and me party today, but a friend dropped off her goodies and we made sure she got to eat the candy and play with the playdoh, Thanks Olivia for doing that she really appreciated it!

She ate two doughnuts this morning and scarfed down "noo-nuls and cheez" for lunch and dinner. Poor baby was famished. She was laughing and dancing all over, she also went outside and played on her new "wee". Yeah I would says she is definitely feeling better. She still gets run down easily, but we are on the mend. She also said a new phrase today. Since she was a baby I would tease that I was going to "bust her butt!" whenever she did something she should not have. It is a phrase I always say...anyway I said something to Josh and told him if he did whatever we were talking about I would "bust his ass." Well Meredith looked up at him and said "daddy buss ass!" We laughed, now it is a very poplar phrase that she LOVES to repeat.

And we have a milestone for No-wee (as meredith calls him) too! Today while singing Meredith's mommy and me songs, me doing the actions with No-wee and meredith with Po (the red telatubby), No-wee had his first belly laugh. It was his first laugh of any kind, but it was definitely a belly laugh. I love that both of my tikes have those genuine belly laughs. He is getting cuter and sweeter by the day. He is the sweetest, most well-tempered baby. I am truly blessed. I soooo wish I had the laugh on video, it was the melt your heart kind!

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The Owen Family said...

I love it! Wait until she tells you that she is gonna "buss mommas ass". That is hilarious! I am glad ya'll are feeling better over there. The Valentine party was sad cuz ya'll were not there.