Tuesday, March 25, 2008

It only takes a minute...

for a toddler to make a mess!

This morning I was rushing as usual to get out the house. I had a board meeting for the organization that they made me the treasurer of.....dumb, dumb move! Anyway I am halfway dressed, Meredith has eaten breakfast and Noah has eaten and is dressed. I am now sitting down in my room to pump some liquid gold for Noah to bring to his Mimi's to eat during my meeting.

So I am listening to Meredith, who has free roam of downstairs while I pump. I cannot exactly chase after her while hooked up to my stylish pump. This is what I hear coming from the playroom....

"Hi Woody, Hi Jesse!"

"Jesse want milk?"

"No, no Woo-day!"

"Sit! Sit down woody!"

"Jesse want some....otay....otay!"

"Mmmmm, yummy!"

"Woody want more....say pease!"

I then hear her grocery cart being pushed into the kitchen...maybe she is going shopping in the pantry again? Then I hear her pulling out a barstool and climbing up. This is what I hear from the kitchen....

"Mizit get it! Mizit get it!"

"Wait, wait Mizit get it"

"Want some Jesse?"

"Mmmm, Mmmm!"

So I unhook my utters and run into the kitchen to see exactly what Woody and Jesse were having to eat?


She had emptied the whole bottle. It was all over the kitchen island and all over the floor. Which would only make sense, since Woody and Jesse were laying on the ground next to her stool. How else were they going to eat the salt?

Like I said it only takes a minute for a toddler to make a mess.


Angela said...

Erin's favorite thing is to get on our table and spill salt all over it, stick her hands in it, and say "YUUM!"

Adalyn's World Views said...

I love me some meredith. Atleast she is resourceful, right?