Tuesday, March 11, 2008

tales of a little momma...

Here are some tales of Meredith and her baby dolls.....

pushing her baby in the stroller:
she rams it into the wall and the baby falls out
"is otay, is otay.....baby otay.....no, no wall! NO, NO WALL!"
How dare you wall to jump out in front like that!

carrying her baby around the house:
She drops her as she walks in the bathroom
"is otay, is otay!" "no cwry baby momma dot you!"

feeding her baby:
"uhmmm dood! o'en o'en!....bid bite" (smacking her lips)

changing her baby's diaper:
"baby does pee-u! baby die-per! heiny cake med-a-sin!"
she never forgets to put the diaper rash cream.

Putting her baby in time out:
"no, no baby! not niiiiice! time out....two, tree, for, fi, sick, sevin, ate, tin!"
our counting is getting much better!

The crying baby:
"no cwry baby, no crwy!.....babyHUSH!"

Getting her baby to sleep:
"wock a baby, wock a baby.....doe seep"
gently swaying her baby from side to side

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