Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Dum, da dum dum!

Is that how that saying goes?

Anyway the time is quickly approaching, next week in fact....that I will not have 2 tikes under 2 anymore! GASP!

I am so devastated that my babies are growing so quickly, too quickly.

But another problem is the name of my blog....2 tikes under 2!?!?!

So what should I do, anyone have a suggestion? I obviously don't want to change my blog address I just need to do some revamping or something?????

Perhaps I should just get pregnant and then I will have 2 tikes under 2 again! Or better yet 3 tikes under 3! Holy shit! Okay obviously I am just kidding.....I promise honey!

Now really got any ideas?

Where are all the creative people????

1 comment:

Blair said...

What about:
Mandi's Munchkins or
Mama's Little Munchkins or
The your-last-name (if you want to share that on the internet) Munchkins

I know. I need to think of something other than munchkins. But I got stuck on that and that is all I could come up with!