Friday, April 11, 2008

hey it's my birthday...I'm 2!!!

Hi mom...I am two!
Two with attitude and too cute!
OMG they got me Jesse and Bullseye! How did you what I wanted????
I love this man! Can you see why?
Hey look, I am dancing on TV! Gosh I love Mickey Mouse pizza!
Best friends, monkey see....monkey do!Hey Mickey....wanna dance?Meredith loves this damn mouse and does think it is Mickey Mouse. I can't believe she is not afraid of him. But she isn't, not at all.Blowing out the birthday candlesOpening gifts. Her friend Adalyn is holding her shirt up to make sure it fits her. Is that not hilarious! Thanks Adalyn for celebreting my birthday with, you made it lots of fun! And thanks to Mimi, Poppa, Memaw and PawPaw too!

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Adalyn's World Views said...

Thanks for letting us come. It was lots of fun!!!