Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Too exhausted....

Since we have gotten home we have been *trying* to get back into the swing of things. The kids are doing great and did wonderful on our 8 hour drive there and back. Things there were chaotic, but with 5 kids under 3 what the hell did we expect. There were lots of tantrums, lots of tears and lots of sippy cups, but there was also lots of laughter, lots of sharing, and lots of smiles.

I did not realize how much I missed Jaimie, gosh it has been way too long. We used to have so much fun together and despite how far apart we are, and how different our lives are.....our friendship has not changed one bit. I wish we lived closer to see each other more often.

I took lots of pictures with the new camera, I just have not had a minute to transfer them yet. Between two kids, laundry and work....I just have not had a minute.

Josh goes back to work tomorrow and I am really sad. Thank gawd he was able to take off and come with me, because as usual I would not have been able to do it without him. He helped not only me, but Jaimie and Blair.....lots of picking up, changing diapers, feeding tikes, getting them to sleep and much, much more. Thank you my sweet husband. I am pretty confident that I will not be able to get Noah to nap tomorrow when he is gone.....yeah Noah is going to miss Daddy's arms to fall asleep in. He has a severe case of armitis, but with no crib or pack and play how else were we supposed to get him to sleep.

Oh well, enjoy these pictures that I stole from Blair's blog......hopefully she will not mind

The girls in the wagon eating ice cream....Yum!
Noah and his new little lady friend.....I think they are a darling couple.
Meredith at the park, oh I love this sweet little girl.
Me on the slide with Charlotte and Meredith at Wiggle Land.....yes moms can have fun too!

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Blair said...

yes, thank you Josh! So nice to have another set of adult hands to watch over 5 kiddos. Plus, I don' think Charlotte would have eaten without you there egging her on!
Glad you liked the pictures Mandi,. steal away!