Sunday, April 13, 2008

The Toy Story Party...

Here is the cake, all she wanted to do from the minute we picked it up was eat the "woody and jesse cake". I kept telling her she had to wait to the party to eat it. At some point in the middle of the party she came and got me by the hand and said "momma, eat cake?" And so we did, after we sang happy birthday of course.
Having fun with friends in the "jump, jump" she loved it!
Loving the "jump, jump" being such a big girl.
Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday and blow out the candles.

Our little family, I love this picture!
Noah at the party, living it up!

The party!
The "jump, jump!"
The big ass play structure that entertained everyone!

Cousin Lindsey and Connor at the party!

Mizit having soooooo much fun!

Noah rocking it out at the party!

Such a big girl in the swing. It was like look mom I am two, I do not need that baby swing anymore and I want to go high!

Opening presents! She loves her apron!

Showing off some ballet moves in her new tu-tu from her Nanny! And yes, I planned the matching shirts, I am a dork okay!

Mom where did everyone go? I am not tired, I want to go back in the jump, jump!

Later that evening.....still going strong! Having hotdogs and cake for dinner, well really just cake.
Sadly the "jump, jump" is going back tomorrow morning. I am not sure who will be more upset...Meredith or Josh. They woke up and headed outside to play in it. Came in for lunch and a rest (no nap today) and then went back out until 5pm when I made them come in and made Josh take it down. She is going to miss that "jump, jump" tomorrow, it was a sad time when we said good-bye.


Caryn said...

The pictures are so cute...looks like everyone had a great time, which makes me and Ian very, very sad! :(

Caryn said...

We're not sad that everyone else had fun...just that we didn't get to have fun with you guys!

Sarah C. said...

Happy Birthday to your little one! That is one really great cake!

Kmommy said...

Awesome cake!! And looks like it was a super fun party! Happy B-Day Meredith!