Saturday, April 12, 2008

What's that noise????

So we all know that Noah has been suffering from double ear infections for about 3 months now, I know poor little guy. Well this week, after 3 rounds of 3 types of antibiotics, I knew he was feeling better. How did I know? Every time I coughed, sneezed, crumbled up paper or made some other noise, the poor baby boy jumped out of his skin.

So we went to the doctor Thursday and she confirmed that the ears are all better. Well almost. He still has a tiny bit of fluid in his left ear, but the other looks great and the left has no redness or puffiness.

It is amazing to see the difference. I also knew what to look for due to my various degrees, but it was still amazing to see as a parent. Poor baby must have been so miserable with his clogged ears for so long. Now we just need to get rid of the dear in the headlights look whenever he hears a sound.

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