Monday, May 12, 2008

To be 2 again.....

The innocence of a two year old is amazing. Tonight as I perused the book store with my two tikes in tow....I yearned to be two years old again. To have the freedom from worrying what other people think....the innocence to not care....the spirit to laugh and giggle to my hearts content. Yes, tonight I wanted to be two.

When we got to the children's section of books, Meredith immediately ran up to a bin of horse heads on a stick. You know the old school horses. She began to pet one of the five horses and looked back and me and said....

"ook, ook momma......bulls-Eye"

Yes, to her I have no doubt that he was the actual Bullseye from the movie. Her face lit up when she saw him and then she began to share her secrets with this stick of horse. After looking at me to see my reaction she began to pull a horse from the bin. When I did not say anything, she straddled the stick and began to gallop around the bookstore on her "bulls-Eye". She galloped like no one was watching....only they were and it did not phase her. She galloped at full stride and then she yelled at the top of her little lungs....."GIDDY UP COWBOY!"

I loved watching her and I wish that my two year old self would have pulled out another horse and galloped beside her yelling "He Haw Cowboy!" But I didn't because I am not a two year old and my adult self was too worried about all the other adults in the store. I am going to work on that. I am sure that all the other adults in the store were thinking back to their two year old selves as well.

Sometimes in life we should all relax and learn to gallop and trot like no one is watching.

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