Sunday, June 15, 2008

She may not have a baby sister but....

that doesn't mean she can't play dress up in tu-tus!

I'm gonna get him before he is big enough to get me!
Oh yeah! I'm the big sister! Just wait....he'll have lots of dress up time....tea parties....barbie dolls....make-up and beaty parlor....he has no idea of what Mizit is capable of!
See what happens when Nanny comes to town!
Noah I wanted to make sure you knew who was holding you for these pictures with your purple tu-tu and big pink bow!
After everyone had left and gone home, Josh walked in to see Noah playing with his favorite doll!
No daddy...It's my doll!


Blair said...

Oh my word! I love it! That is just adorable. Sisters rule!

Leigh said...

I have to say they are too cute! The pictures are really funny. PS - it was your mom's idea me! (thats the story i'm tellying Noah)

The Owen Family said...

So funny! That is exactly what I used to do with my little brother (now 31). His He-Man figures would marry my Barbies. And then I got him to play "Jamie and John" which was basically just playing house, I just used different wording...'You can be John and I'll be Jamie!' Totally worked, I had him playing Barbies, house, we even pretended we were dance partners trying out for Star Search! ha! He turned out just fine!

Kmommy said...

How adorable! We used to dress my baby brother in girly clothes all the time! :) Great blackmail pics! :)