Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I don't want to forget

Time flies by so quickly and I am sure I will remember how damn cute these two tikes are, but what I don't want to forget are these things....

- the way Meredith ask me to "lay you?" every night
- the way Noah pats the top of my arm when I first pick him up.
- the way Meredith reads "Isabel", "Raindrop Plop" and "Going on a bear hunt" to herself and the round-up crew after she is tucked in
- the way Noah holds my pinkie as he nurses
- the way Meredith starts saying "good mornin shweet boy" as we come down the steps
- the way Noah laughs and giggles with his whole body
- the way Meredith will out of the blue grab my cheeks and say "I love you momma!"
- the way Noah will get a grin from ear to ear and jump out of someones arms when I enter the room
- the way Meredith yells "put on your safety belts" whenever we get in the car
- the way Noah smells
- the way Meredith dances whenever she hears music
- the way Noah loves to hold my nose when I rock him
- the way Meredith calls out Noah Elliott's name...."No-ah Em-u-let"
- the way they fit perfectly in my arms when I snuggle with them, one on each side
- the way Meredith imitates everything I do with Noah with her own babies
- the way Meredith gently kisses Noah on top of his head
- the way Noah reaches out and bear hugs her with both arms

Life is amazing and like everyone says....the days drag on....but they years fly. I don't want to miss it and I don't' want to forget it either.

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