Monday, August 4, 2008


My daughter has recently accomplished the task of potty training. I am thrilled, except for the part where she has to visit every bathroom in every restaurant, store, mall, grocery or other establishment that we step foot in. That and she has perfect timing, always. I'm hoping the novelty will wear off, I hear all newly potty trainees go through this phase.

However along with those new potty habits we have also developed a new fear of public potties. Now this fear is not to the extent that it keeps us from visiting all public restrooms, but it does draw the whole..."no big potty momma" phrase out more than three times in a restroom. I would say I have no idea where she developed this fear from, but I would be lying. And you may think it is the loud automatic flush, but that isn't it either....Adalyn gave us advice to make sure that never happens while Meredith is tinkling!

No this fear was developed over the past weekend when we went to visit Josh at work. Meredith loves going to her daddy's work and Josh had to drop in for a minute so we tagged along before dinner. While we were there Meredith had to go potty of course. So we visited the restroom with the big potty and Meredith happily hopped on.

I made her sit sideways on it so she wouldn't sit on the actual rim, she wanted to sit the "wight way!" I being the mom made her sit sideways and waited for her to finish tinkling. A few seconds after she sat on the potty she took an impromptu swim in the toilet bowl. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry or call out for help. She was stuck in there a few seconds....not because her rump was too large, but because I couldn't contain my laughter long enough to pull her out.

Eventually I got her out of the toilet and we laughed about it and all lived happily ever after. Now we have a healthy obsession of public potty fears and a funny story to tell her future boyfriends. So if you ever meet my toddler and she tells you "I falled off the potty!" You will know what she means. And of course we still went out to dinner, she never complained about her shirt being soaked once....I am so not kidding.

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