Saturday, September 27, 2008

Calgon take me away...

Yes it has been that kind of weekend. Well it started out with my father-in-law arriving about 4pm on Friday and has all been downhill from there. But he is a nice man and my kids love to see him and he doesn't get to see them that often so I can deal for a weekend. Even though he brought enough clothes and suitcases for a month. Oh God, please don't let him stay a month. His just staying until Monday is killing me, please tell me he is going home Monday. And if you want to be real nice, let him go home tomorrow, I need a break.

Then last night while at my mom's having dinner she mentioned that Noah was feeling a little warm. He was definitely pretty fussy, he is usually a pretty happy guy. I felt him and thought his temperature felt fine, well low and behold when we got home he was burning up. I guess mom's really do know what they are talking about. We gave him some tylenol and tried to get him to sleep, but my poor little man was so restless and so miserable. We kept alternating the motrin and tylenol and it was giving him and his fever no relief. Josh and I tag teamed the night duty and one of us was up with him throughout the night.

So bright and early I took him in to the pediatric clinic, thank goodness for weekend office hours. And we now have a diagnosis of Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. I know, poor little Noah. The pediatrician informed me it last for about 7-10 days and is highly contagious, don't worry I don't plan on bringing him all over town, but that means my two year old who has never had this......does now.

Well I don't have a confirmed diagnosis by a pediatrician, but her mood and the symptoms fit the bill. Josh tried to look in her throat but couldn't really see. And she has been telling me her nose and mouth hurt. That is the right area for this virus.

The best part about today was going shopping with my mom while the kiddos napped, I got out the house and Josh got some bonding time with his dad. Did I tell you the man drives me nuts, I won't go into the details here, my kids may read this one day and really I have to think about that. But if you ever run into me on the street feel free to ask, I love spilling the beans even to random strangers.

Well I am off to bed, I have disc 3 to season 1 of Gossip Girl in the dvd player, both kids are asleep for right now, my father-in-law is in the living room with my husband talking about God knows what. But before I go, here is a sneak peak of the pictures from the Womanless Beauty Pageant. It was for charity, the American Heart Association. The cardiology department at Josh's clinic put it on and the 10 contestants are all doctors at the clinic. I post more, but my office has been taken over by a crazy, old goat that talks way too much and has table manners worse than Brownie I think I said way to much, I'm tired forgive me.

Here are Miss Mya Grain & Miss Ima Johnson-Phyxer (look at Ima checking out Mya's chest)
And my he not way to into this? maybe I should be afraid? good thing he makes a really ugly woman.


Olivia said...

Poor Noah and Meredith. Hope they are better soon. wow, nice boobs Josh:)

Jess said...

Yes, Josh is stacked! teehee.

Oh no, I can't believe they caught that virus! What are the symptoms? Poor babies.

Anonymous said...

Bummer on the kiddos being sick. That one is not fun. I hope it clears quickly.

Love Mya and Ima's pics. Too funny. Josh definitely looked into it all. What a good sport. He should have won. He was hot.

Amy said...

You don't know me, but I'm a friend of Blair's and I keep up with your blog.
I laughed out loud reading this post! Spilling the beans about your funny! I can relate. I work for my mother in law and she drives me absolutely crazy!!! I cannot even vent about her on my blog because I'm pretty sure she's a lurker!
I really enjoy your blog. Your kids are beautiful. Hope they're feeling better soon:)


mandi said...

Amy, welcome to the blog! Glad you enjoy it. I read yours too, and yes if we ever run into one another a glass of win and stories about in-laws.

I agree Lisa! Mya was hot, hot hot!

Jess thanks for checking on us today, I will call you back tomorrow.

Olivia, aren't those boobs great!