Saturday, September 20, 2008

A little bait, a little tackle and 4 fish

A container of live crickets......$4

A princess fishing pole........$12

Seeing your daughter catch her very first fish......Priceless!

This morning when Meredith woke up we asked her what she wanted to do today. Her answer was immediate and she didn't hesitate one bit....."I wanna go fish with Peepaw and his hat." Peepaw is Adalyn's grandpa and he took Adalyn fishing this week. Meredith saw a picture of that fishing trip where Adalyn had a caught a fish with Peepaw and he was wearing a hat. So this morning, that is exactly what she wanted to do too. Well we didn't call Peepaw, but she settled for a fishing trip with dear old dad and mom and Noah too.

Here is the proud dad and his daughter.....he's delightfully happy she wasn't wearing a pink, frilly tutu on this fishing trip.

Here they are selecting a good cricket.

And now they are baiting the hook.

And ladies and gentlemen we have a "fisher-princess", I can't call my two year old a fisherman.

Here she is with her 2nd fish of the day. (Being the control freak I am I stepped in to show both Josh and Meredith how to cast the line and she caught her first fish with me.....this is her second fish! Meredith caught 4 fish in all. There were a group of young boys with their dad and Mimi who came by. Their ages were from about 7-11 and they were so impressed that Meredith caught a fish right in front of them with a princess pole. They just couldn't believe she did it with a princess pole......who would of thought that could ever happen! It was really funny to hear them go on and on about the pole.

And of course my Noah was there fishing too.
Okay move over guys, I got a pole now.

Fine take away my pole dad, I'll just dive in a catch the fish with my bare hands! Lemme at 'em!

Fine, I will just catch momma's camera!

Noah was all over the deck and if I didn't have him by the tail he would have went in more than once. Brave little thing! I'm afraid he is going to be my wild child!


Anonymous said...

How fun! We need to be more impulsive. WTG Meredith!

Jess said...

She has me beat! I've never caught a fish! This is a definite milestone, whouldn't ya think? :)

The Owen Family said...

too cute!! Maybe she will become a pro bass fisher-princess!!!

Julia said...

cute!!! we've been talking about doing this forever and haven't gotten out there yet. meredith.. I'm impressed!

Anonymous said...

Is little Meredith a catch and release girl or was there a yummy fish dinner that night? :)

mandi said...

Catch and release definitely, it would have been hard to eat only 4 perch. Although fresh fried fish for dinner sounds devine! WE would have been very hungry.

Yes, Lisa we aren't normally impulsive but we were this entire weekend and it was wonderful.

Jessica, you will have to fish with us one day.

Julia, call us when you go, since we uh don't really belong there.

Laura, I love pro bass fisher-princess. As long as she let me eat the fish I surely wouldn't mind.

laurie said...

Her Great Granny would love it!!!!!