Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A glimpse of fall

The weather has finally cooled off a little and the other night it was a littly chilly, so my little family decided to head outside and soak it all in! We ran and played, we laughed and giggled, we sat and shared was a perfect evening.
And I realized that as the season changes so is the season of our life. We are moving away from 2 tikes under 2, but into toddler hood and the beginning of becoming a big girl. Their personalities are budding and are so much fun.

Their independence is showing through. New things to try and new ways to give me a heart attack.
The "I can do it by myself" attitude is being adopted by everyone.
I'm learning to let them be, to accept this new phase and embrace it. To let them grow up a little and need me a tad bit less.
Because I know they will in some ways very much still need me. Who else will sit at the top and cheer them on?

Who else will hold their hand and encourage new things?
And when they get to the top, I will move over and let them continue to climb.
And when they need a little extra help, I will always be there.
So the times are a changing, but that's the thing about parenthood, nothing stays the same too's always changing and keeping you on your toys.


Olivia said...

Look at those two. Last year at this time we were both looking at our bellies. I hope they have fun with Mickey.

Anonymous said...

wow... what an awesome playset! they both look like they are really enjoying themselves... HAPPY FALL!