Thursday, October 2, 2008

Need some creative help

No I'm not doing an art project, although I do have a snack in mind for our next snack day that will take plenty artistic skills. What I am in need of is some food ideas. My little man, who is now 10 months old....almost 11 months old, has decided that he despises baby food. I can't blame him and I am surprised it has lasted this long. Meredith was done with that stuff by 9 months old, but Noah is a happy-go-lucky kind of man and tolerated it a little while longer.

That is where you come in my Internets. I need help, what do I feed him now? I can remember when Meredith started eating solid food, Jaimie was my go to girl and she would always say "I don't remember!" I used to think she was holding out, but now I really do believe she forgot. I cannot for the life of me remember what I fed her.

Here is where we are.....

The little man will eat a whole banana cut up. He will also eat anything you give him.....anything, well except for carrots and avacados. He eats sketties and rice, he pretty much wants whatever we have for dinner. So my real problem area is lunch. Help me be creative that or Noah will eat so many bananas in the coming months he may just turn into a monkey.

He also won't eat a meat stick and I can't blame him really....GROSS! So please suggest something other than carrots and meat sticks, but I do like healthy foods. I also need something to send with him for Mother's day out, something that he won't choke on and he will eat. They cannot get him to eat baby food at all.

So what do you have for me! Please help me out. Maybe I will give away another set of note cards to a lucky commenter that helps me out!!!! Sure what the heck, 10 cards of whatever you choose! I'll draw on Monday October 6th so comment away. And if you leave more than 5 different food ideas from the previous commenter I will put your name in twice, or if you just leave 5 ideas. Thanks for the help! All you have to do is leave one comment with an idea of what to serve my little man for lunch!


jens033 said...

applesauce, mix carnation instant breakfast into his milk, yogurt

Cat@3KidsandUs said...

We started introducing our daughter to homemade baby food using what we had for lunches and dinners at around 8 months. The easiest thing to do is cut up whatever you cook for dinner into small finger foods for him. Do the same for what you eat for lunch.

Some fun lunches we have..
- campbell's goldfish chicken soup minus the broth with crackers and a fruit cup
- mini ritz crackers with small cubes of cheese and lunch meat
- mac n cheese
- grilled cheese

Just use what you eat in small portions.

Annie said...

Sofia, loves pasta usually we cook angel hair or the little bitty pasta for her, but for lunch I put on ramon noodles. I break them up into little pieces and cook them until they are really soft. I don't add the packet of flavoring, just a little yogurt butter. She loves them and would eat them every day. She loves those peach parfaits you get from the grocery. I made cranberry bread for her and she loved that, too. She loves almost any type of fruit. I made grilled cheese for her, but she didn't eat a lot of it. Soup, she loves almost any kind of soup. I will have to think about more! My mind is coming to a blank, ha!

The Owen Family said...

grilled chicken in sandwich meat section already cut up and seasoned, we do peanut butter sandwiches but he has to be a year doesn't he (this is our lunch to school item), Gogurt Yogurt but freeze it and then cut up in pieces so he can pick it up himself and eat it, it is soft not too hard. We always put those chese sticks in his lunch cut up. Minestrone soup in a can has pasta and lots of veggies in it, but drain it and warm it so he can pick up all the pieces himself, pancakes/waffles frozen to cut up and toast, I will see if I can think of more. Logan is an extremely picky eater!!

Blair said...

Things my kids eat for lunch:

leftovers from dinner

turkey and cheese (I put a few slices of turkey topped with shredded cheese in the toaster over until the cheese is melted - then cut up into smaller pieces)

canned mandarin oranges cut up(they fall apart really easily so no choking hazard)

cheese squares

cooked carrots

chicken tenders (not the frozen kind, the real chicken tender - you know, the size smaller than the breasts)cut up into small pieces (I cut them up, season them and "grill" in oil.) Quick and done in about 10 min

Rotisserie chicken

Green beans

Black beans (okay, most any kind of beans. Pinto beans are the best for babies, they are really mushy and easy to pick up)

Hot dogs (skin off for Frances), cut up

Blair said...

oh and when I am craving it, McDonald's hambergers!
But you could make you own and do a healthy version if you wanted

Olivia said...

David is eating buttered toast, yogurt, avacado, cheese, cereal bars, goldfish (broken in half) animal crackers---wish I had more ideas! He surely is growing, regardless! What a big beautiful boy:)

Sarah C. said...

baked potato with veggies

I got this idea from a book called Toddler Cafe - you cook potato and once done stuff with frozen veggies (peas, carrots). The heat from potatoes will thaw the veggies, and the frozen veggies will cool the potato. So easy!

kkb said...

jaimie forwarded your contest!!! my little ones first foods:

-toast with veggie cream cheese
-to entertain them for a while i'd give them frozen bagels or waffles to chew on
-canned peas
-nutrigrain bars
-morning star vegetarian chicken nuggets (healthier than regular)
-shredded cheese
-texas style canned beans
-scrambled eggs with cheese
-frozen cheese tortellini cut up and mixed with a little marinara (seemed easier for them to pick up)
*****my lifesaver with two under two was styrafoam popcorn! i know it's horrible, but if you break it up it literally disolves in your mouth and any kids would love it... it's buttery and yummy!!! great treat while you need to get something else done!

jennlagdavis said...

mandi - i don't remember much of what mikey ate - but here's what i do remember:

He loved YoBaby Yogurt - any flavor - that was a must have in the house at ALL times - even to this day he is a yogurt fan.

Frozen peas - he wouldn't eat canned peas, so I'd always have frozen ones in the steamfresh bag that I could nuke in a matter of minutes.

Hot Dogs -- I only used Hebrew National - they were the best tasting and had the least amount of mystery meat in them.

String Cheese

Raisins -- we'd go thru boxes and boxes of raisins & he still will sit with a box and be content.

Fruit Cups - the del monte ones with no sugar added and no syrup - his favorite was the exotic fruit.

Nurta Grain Bars - I'd break them into bite size pieces - another thing we still to this day keep stocked in the pantry.

Smoothies - since I kept yogurt stocked I empty a container into the blender add a banana or whatever fruit was in the house and sometimes even a little protein powder, millk, ice and VIOLA a snack that he thought was the greatest!

And lastly - Oatmeal on the Go Bars -- his favorite was cinnamon - but he ate all the flavors. Again, just cut them up and let him at it!

AJU5's Mom said...

So, I just found your blog, but my little one (9.5 months) gave up food on a spoon about a month ago. We do the left over thing (if there is enough after making my husband's lunch) or slices lunch meat. I also do green beans, brocolli (although not her favorite), raisins, and cheerios for the veggies and grain. Recently we have also added pretzel sticks into the mix. Bananas are always the dessert.

mandi said...

thanks keep the comments coming! I will also draw monday instead of thursday, why drag it out right?