Thursday, November 13, 2008

Differing Personalities

This sequence of pictures sums up my children's personalities perfectly. There are many captions I could include: (follow the color coordination to get 4 different captions!)

Hey Meredith, do you see that Momma lady coming....
Hey Mom....we want to get in while the water is running.....
Noah, Momma said to sit and wait for her....
I cannot believe she won't put us in while the water runs, Noah (sobbing)Good, I'll just take over now.
fine, I'll just turn it off until you put us in.
Noah, you never listen!
It's okay sister....I'll just turn it off until she does!

*the italicized is what Meredith would say
**the regular is what Noah would say
***Damn this post is confusing-- either way aren't those derrieres cute!

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