Thursday, November 20, 2008

Noah's present

Josh and I ordered Noah a rocking chair from this shop on Etsy, for his birthday. I cannot say enough good things about this etsy shop and the quality of the chair. If you look closely you can see his name on the chair. I love it and if you are thinking of getting your little one a rocking chair too, consider getting one here. The chair is a great quality chair and the shop has wonderful customer service. Plus I believe in supporting small businesses!

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Amy said...

Happy 1st Birthday Noah! What a cutie he is! Can I just tell you how much I love Etsy! I bought a diaper box cover for Jack's nursery there and I'm in the process of also buying his bedding from one of the vendors as well.(

BTW...LOVE Meredith's Indian costume! You did an amazing job with that:)