Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It only took $2.50 to make their day

Today I took the kids to the playground and the zoo. It was supposed to be a meet up play date with some friends, but we were over an hour late so it was more of a high five as we were crossing paths and "nice to see you too". It could have been a great time, but I just couldn't get my shit together this morning.

I am normally early everywhere we go, EVERYWHERE. It is my nature, how I was raised. I hate being late. I can't help it. However with two tiny tikes it is impossible to get everywhere on time, although I try damn hard. 5 or 10 minutes is allowable, but I was seriously an hour late. So we said hello, gobbled down the drive thru lunch I picked up for them and then played and headed off to the zoo solo, since we missed the trip with them. Sorry guys...things have been crazy here.

Anyway I was late today because my kids slept until 9am....YES 9AM and so did I! Sorry honey. I don't know why they never do this on Saturday mornings when we have no place to go. Then I had to brush three sets of teeth, dress three people, find 6 shoes (which is no easy task) and get out the door with lunch....hence the drive thru. So we arrived, ate, played and then ventured off on our own to the zoo.

We saw the tiny assortment of animals at our zoo and I was happy didn't have to answer the question I always get about where the giraffes or elephants were. It is really hard to explain to a 2 year old why we just don't have those animals at our zoo. Today my little inquiring minds were much more curious about the animals that were actually at our zoo?

"Momma is dat a cow?"

"No, no....um thats a....I don't know...um..."

"Is it a horse?"

"No it definitely isn't a cow or a horse....it's a.....a uh.....yeah baby momma doesn't know what that is....maybe an ant eater?"


Why can't our zoo have normal animals and if one of you knows what that huge thing is on the way to the jaguar help me out please!

So we finished the zoo and then as we were heading out, Meredith asked to ride the carousel. I obliged, tickets were only a $1.25 and Noah got to ride free so we hopped on the carousel. The man working it gave us a really long ride, I was pretty sure I was going to vomit any second. But Meredith and Noah squealed and laughed and smiled and were so happy. Noah felt like such a big boy on his own horse and I am pretty sure he was trying to get that horse to gallop faster. Meredith loved that no one was holding her on her horse. She was riding all by herself and was proud of being the big girl.

After our ride we walked back to the loser cruiser and hopped in. And Meredith told me...."Mom that was such a good day....Me and Noah had soooo much fun!"

Me too guys. It was a blast and I am blessed to be able to do this everyday of my life with you guys.

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Jess said...

pretty sure it's a tapir... don't quote me on that though.