Monday, March 9, 2009

A weekend of first

This was a busy weekend for us. We headed down to Springfield, Louisiana and stayed in some cabins for a mini family reunion. It was a blast. I hung out with family I barely see, family my kids have never met and family that my husband has only met a handful of times.

Meredith and Noah got to hang out with their cousin, Connor as well as lots of other little cousins they met for the first time. My kids have never played so hard in their life. They were so dirty from their camping adventure, covered in at least 5 layers of dirt, it was great to see them having so much fun. I remember doing that myself back in the day. It was awesome to see them experience the things I remember so fondly from my childhood.

We told Meredith in the middle of last week we were going camping. She had no clue what that was, but was really excited to go to the camping. When we arrived it was just her and Noah and they soaked up all the attention they got from their two aunts. They played and talked and entertained us. That night cousin Connor arrived as well as Timmy, Lisa and Nanny. We built a big camp fire and Noah sat amazed, while Meredith roasted me marshmallows for everyone. Later that night the adults told ghost stories or more like creepy stories, involving the slaughter house that was conveniently located a mile up the road. Yes, occasionally even adults get spooked!

The next day all of our extended family arrived and we had a huge family crawfish boil. Meredith enjoyed playing with all her new cousins (Emmie, Ella, Egen, Riley & Grayson). She was one of the younger ones, but she hung with the big kids. She went on her first hike and then helped her daddy collect firewood. She caught bugs and lizards, ate tons of candy, went on an egg hunt, ate crawfish and got really dirty from playing outside all day! The tub water after I bathed her and Noah was brown.

Noah enjoyed being outside all day and acting like a big kid as well. He did not want to be cuddled or treated like a baby. He tasted everything his sister ate and chased the girls around. He also went on his first hike and was a daredevil at the playground. He had multiple wagon rides and got a taste of a marshmallow, which he immediately pushed away. He played in the rocks and the dirt and was a typical rough and tumble little boy. He got to play ball with his cousin, Connor and they also got to fight over toys. I can't wait to watch them grow up together.

Saturday night the kids went to bed at 6:50pm. Not daylight savings time, but regular time. They awoke at 8am the next morning, daylight savings time! Can you say pooped!

If any of you are looking for a cabin to rent in the South Louisiana, I highly recommend Tickfaw State park. It was clean and comfortable and had direct TV! Not to mention each cabin has a fabulous, large screened porch. Yes, you need screened porches with all the darn mosquito's around here, which really weren't bad.

Sunday we headed home to get our house ready for the open house, still no offer, but the house is getting tons of traffic. We have had several people come back twice and are averaging about 3 showings a week, so we are hoping to get an offer soon.....cross your fingers!

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Amy said...

That trip sounds like so much fun! Direct TV?....That's my kind of camping! Good luck with the house!