Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what she says....on a date

Today I took Meredith to the pediatrician to make sure her ears were clear.....they were, thank goodness. After we headed out in the great deluge to eat at pizza hut, before another appointment. It's been a very long time since just me and my girl went to lunch alone. We were able to sit at the high bar table that we normally can't since a high chair won't reach. Meredith was thrilled. I also let her pick her own pizza like a big girl and she placed her own drink order, she was in heaven. As we were sitting eating our pizza I looked at her and said...

"Bug you and I are on a date"

"No mom, dis is not a date place, dis is a hungry place"

"Well yeah it's a restaurant, but we are on a date here"

"No momma it is not a date place, it is a HUNGRY eat here"

Got it!

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