Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It only took 2 days

of my house not being on the market (and actually I think it is still listed with MLS) for my house to explode! I kid you not. We were slobs just busting at the seams for the past two months. No wonder I was always on edge and ready to break down in tears. I was exhausted from all the Cinderella-ish type work I was doing. And by Cinderella-ish I don't mean dancing in a lavish gown at the not that type of work.

I would show you pictures, but I am so embarrassed I just can't. Here are some updates on the kids....

- is going to be 3 in 2 days...sniff, sniff
- knows her entire tap dance for the dance recital
- can open all the doors in the house and let herself in or out
- can dress herself and put on her own shoes - hallelujah
- wears short sleeves on occasion
- loves school
- insist on blueberry pancakes or pop tarts for breakfast and then eats her brother's oatmeal
- loves to sing and dance
- is into my little pony right now
- is getting way to big for her britches
- is starting to write some letters
- can recognize all of her letters and numbers to 10
- is in LOVE with the color pink
- thinks space chimps and doodlebops rule the world
- still loves woody and jesse
- thinks her momma is a princess

- went up a whole shoe size in 2 weeks
- is saying lots of words
- loves balloons and says "boon, boon, boon" all day long
- loves to find and point to the moon while saying "mooooooon"
- will bite his sister and then walk and put his hand out for me to slap and then do the sign for "sorry" to his sister
- is still a biter
- also plays with my little pony, when his sister doesn't loose it and lets him
- loves to play with his big sister
- loves to ride in the stroller
- will eat anything you put in front of him
- can easily polish off a bowl of instant oatmeal in the morning
- can identify his belly, eyes, nose and mouth
- points to the top of his head when you ask where Noah is?
- has no fear
- is still a climber
- thinks he can orchestrate the choir at church
- loves to drive his sister around in the barbie pink jeep
- loves oreos
- is so lovable and gives the biggest bear hugs
- is such a sweetheart
- knows his momma is a princess


Lindsey said...

i miss them! and you of course haha

Amy said...

I love this post:) Especially the part where Noah bites Meredith and then walks over to you for scolding...that cracks me up! Little boys are really funny in that way:)

Happy birthday Meredith!!!!