Thursday, April 30, 2009

She rocked it!

Today was Meredith's end of the year performance for her little school. Picture 24 two and three year olds on stage, singing! It was too adorable for words! While most of the 24 children sat there wide eyed or confused (check out the little guy next to Meredith....I think he is trying to figure out why all the mom's and dad's are at school)....Anyway most of them sat there, but not my girl. She totally rocked it! She sang every song, she did all the motions and was great! Her and about 4 other little girls were the only ones! My baby has come such a long way this year. She loves school, she loves homework and she loves Mrs. Jenny.

Rocking it during the Alligator song

Still rocking it!

One proud mommy!
Meredith sitting with her little class mates