Saturday, April 11, 2009

Where's the logic....what she says

Tonight I was tucking my exhausted tike into bed. We were talking all about the Easter bunny coming tonight and how she had to go to bed so he will come to her house too.

"Go to sleep bug, the Easter bunny will be here soon?"

"Where is he?"

"Right now he is at Grace and Adalyn's house and if you go to sleep he will be here next?"

And then she sings "here comes peter cotton tail, hopping down da bunny trail...hippity, hoppity, Easter's on it's way.....he's got jelly beans for noah, colored eggs for Merediff too.....Momma I no want da jelly beans, I want da colored eggz"

"That's right, now go to sleep, I think I hear him"

listens intently to the noise the "bunny" is making downstairs

"Mom is dat him?.....I wanna go see him....les go!"

"No bug, you can't go down and see him, you can only see him at the mall"

Then she looks at me puzzled "but why momma, why I can't see him tonight....why only at da mall?"

You know kid, it makes no sense to me either, it's just the way it works. When you have a brand new three year old and a 17 month old and are exhausted from a day of birthday party festivities, an easter egg hunt and a crawfish boil, then you will see the logic too!

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