Monday, May 4, 2009

Most common complaint about being a stay at home mom

I often hear from other moms that the most common complaint about our job is boredom. Being home with one or two toddlers, no adult interaction, the same books, puzzles, toys, the same routine day in and day out. While most of that is true, I can't say that I am bored. No losing my mind is definitely more like it, take today for example.

My house is in the beginning of a renovation. It is now torn up to the point of not being livable, and no where near being complete. I have some workers here, who do a lot of standing around and waiting on the another guy, a lot of banging and some who just hang visquine everywhere.

I have a 17 month old who wants to get his tools and go help, hell he would love to bang on some stuff, but his mom is always saying "No, No Noah!" He just can't help himself and stay out the room. I am actually allowing the banging and he is dying to partake.

I have a great friend who is moving today and I offered to keep her 3 year old and bring her to gymnastics, lunch, dance and dinner, since she graciously kept my two all day and did the same thing when I went to my grandmother's funeral.

I also have my own three year old who is thrilled that her friend is here for the day, let's just say if I could bottle their energy and excitement and sell it I would be a rich woman.

After our trip to gymnastics and the eatery with a germ infested play structure McDonald's, I came home with high hopes that the children hyped up on caramel dipping sauce would nap. That was a no go. The girls laid down watching Little Mermaid while I took Bubs up for his nap. I laid him down and started on laundry.

After 45 minutes he was still standing, the workers were still banging and the girls were still giggling. I attributed the noise to his lack of napping and the girls well who isn't happy when their friend is over. I then looked very closely into his video monitor and noticed he was playing in his crib sans diaper. I rushed up to put a new one on before he made a huge mess.

Yes, I was too late. There was, for lack of a better word, shit everywhere. His hair, his pillow, the sheets, his blankets, his crib. Everywhere. When I walked in he pointed to a large clump in the middle of his bed and said "uh-oh." Yes, little man --- uh-oh is right or oh shit - whichever is age appropriate, just feel free to use it.

I scooped him out, ran a bath, cleaned him, bathed him, and dressed him. I then began to tackle the bed when I heard two loud piercing screams coming from my room. I had left the girls in my room with Ariel and told them if anyone walked in to scream and come get mommy. So I grab Noah and rushed downstairs almost killing myself to get there. I run to my room and open the door and their sit two little girls with big grins on their faces.

I explain that they only scream in an emergency and if someone comes in mommy's room while I am upstairs. They nod in understanding and back up I go to finish the stripping of the bed. I get it done and lay Noah back down where he is still saying "dadadadadada."

I am off to fetch some snacks for the girls and perhaps sit on my butt for a minute while they eat them. Who said staying home with your kids was boring? If you think so feel free to bring your tikes over and help me.

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