Thursday, May 7, 2009

The play by's what happened

So since most of you asked for the play by play, I should totally be posting pictures of the huge disastrous mess. Yes, it is that bad. Much worse than I EVER expected. But I have to be honest when I tell you that I was totally looking at this renovation process through rose colored glasses before it started, my friend. What a fool I was, but damn they were mighty good rose colored glasses. Yes, those glasses allowed me to foresee myself sipping lemonade out of a crystal clear glass, in my cool house, while watching the men lay really clean brick in a few hours time span - minus the mud, dust and muck.

Yes, just me and my lemonade and my rose colored glasses. Well my friends I am here to tell you that is not the case. My house is covered in a thick layer of white, filmy dust. I have swept and wiped and yet if you rub your hand over any surface in this entire house, you can still feel the ickiness that oozes off the counters and floors. Everything is covered. The men and the people who live here make cute little white tracks all over my rich Brazilian cherry wood floors.

The tracks go from the disaster zone to the kitchen and then some go around through the dining room to the bathroom, and the playroom and my bedroom. And some go up the stairs where it ends at the carpet, and really I am sure they carry on, but those are the special invisible tracks that are forever embedded in my carpet.

Oh the renovation I was so excited about has turned into my own personal hell. Why do people do this to themselves? IT is easier to move people. IT IS easier to clean your home and show it day in and day out, then to live in this hellish nightmare.

So yes, I should be posting pictures of the new fireplace, or the area I insisted they brick against my contractors better judgement and then the pictures after I asked them to remove the brick from that very same place. Or the wall that is slightly sloping or the wall after I made them fix the slight slope. Or the archway that is beyond gorgeous. Or the hole in the sheetrock where the electrical used to be, that I am hoping they will magically patch. Or the electrical cord that is running along my ceiling for the new light I am having installed that I am hoping will be hidden by the brick. Or the various places my walls are covered in mud and crud. Or the places that holes are now where baseboards used to be and will need to patched. Or my new firebox made of brick or my new harth that is gorgeous and brick.

Yes, I should post all those pictures, but I am not for a few reasons.

1. I left my camera at my mom's with the pictures on it

2. instead of taking the time to get it and post pictures I went out to dinner and had drinks and then saw a movie with the girls to try and restore some of my sanity

3. I'm just too tired from laying in my bed at night an fretting over what the finished product will look like and whether or not at night it will rain and wet the brick and delay the completion of the job one more day.

4. I just can't look at the mess one more second today, even through pictures.

So I promise the pictures will come soon, before next month, but not today. Today I just need the mess to go away and question why I ever started this shit to begin with!

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Lisa said...

Oh man. We had that dust when we did our basement. The time will come when you are happy and drinking lemonade. It's just going to be many days and dollars from now.

Bit of advice, Swiffer the heck out of your walls with the dry sheets. There is a ton of dust on your walls too. I just use the wand I normally use on my floor. It makes it easy to get an entire wall fast.

Looking forward to the pictures!