Monday, June 29, 2009

Another year older

Today the man of my dreams, is another year older. Is it me or do the years just fly by now? I swear I don't think of him as a day older than thirty, which means I am not a day older than twenty-four. Oh yes a girl can get used to that.

At thirty I threw him a surprise party at Hooters in Nola. At thirty-six I threw him a birthday dinner at home with friends, family and the kids. It's funny how things have changed and how much we love the change that has happened.

In the past 6+ years that I have known this wonderful man I have seen him grow and change and age so gracefully. He went from a resident wearing shirts that said "I have friends you just can't see them" to a devoted husband and father. He went from sleeping in on his days off to never sleeping past 7am. He has learned how to make donut runs and do one of the most romantic things ever night after night....the dishes. He has learned how to fix everything from a scratched knee to a broken heart. He has learned to play princess and dollhouse along with trains, plains and automobiles. He easily learned how to speak toddler-ease and differentiate cries, he has perfected his diaper changing skills and hair washing skills during bath times. He has grown into one of the best hands on fathers around.

Happy Birthday to the man that makes my dreams come true day after day and who loves me and my children more than anything. I hope you had a fabulous definitely deserved it! Here is to many more......I love growing old with you grey hairs and all.

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