Thursday, July 16, 2009

Big happenings at the homestead

While the new tank we just purchased to drive around as our family vehicle may literally be the biggest change around here, the biggest news certainly is not about my brand, spanking new, shiny, gas guzzling SUV or the fact that the loser cruiser is gone. Nope the biggest news would be that my big girl has been pacifier free for a week now.

This miraculous change happened by her own doing. She went to bed one night without a pacifier. I didn't give it to her and she didn't ask for it and before I knew it she was sleeping. The next night I told her we were giving it to Cinderella and again she fell asleep without it. On the third day there were tears at nap time. Okay, let's be honest. There was a good 20+ minutes of full fledged screaming, but I didn't give in and we all survived....paci free. That night, no tears and no cries. Intermittently throughout the week, she would hint about getting it back and once I even found her laying in my bed with one she had found. I took it away with not a tear shed and the rest is what they call history.

A few days ago we packed them up in an envelope and sent them to Aurora, the pink princess, with a note asking her to please send us plane tickets and tickets to Disney World. Now that it has been a few days since we sent off the package and over a week of no pacifiers, guess what comes tomorrow? Tickets made by Sleeping Beauty herself. The tickets will be delivered to my mailbox. The trip is planned for September.

I am so proud of my big girl, I thought this was something that would not happen quite so easily. Let me be honest I was pretty sure she would take that damn pacifier with her to college. I was wrong and I am so proud of her.

Noah was also forced to give up his "uh ohs" at the same time. I know it was mean and unfair, he is after all still my baby. But I figured easier to kill two birds with one stone. Well again I was wrong. He now has his "uh-ohs" back. I need him to nap and sleep at night and taking the pacifier away ain't worth losing sleep, literally.

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Blair said...

Way to go Meredith!! That is awesome!

And what a cute idea to have her exchange them for Disney tickets. I will have to remember that.