Thursday, August 13, 2009

School Daze

It's that time of year again....

school supplies, new school shoes, new school clothes, new school bags, the perfect trapper keeper, the anticipation of finding out who was going to be in my class, who my teacher would be, when I would have recess, lunch, gym and all other things I loved about starting school.

As a kid I could not wait to shop for school supplies, new uniforms and even penny loafers.....seriously.

Now I have a kid and I am instilling that same back to school excitement.....and honey she is taking to it.

Today Noah was having an off day so Mimi offered to take care of him and rock him while Meredith and I ran errands. Then it dawned on me she was soon going to be starting school and my days to take her shopping to get the school supplies she doesn't even need yet was starting to run out. So today we took advantage of it.

We went to the dance store to get her new tap shoes and leotards for dancing next week, then we did lunch and headed to Target to get the supplies.

We got crayons, markers, pencils, a pencil box, scissors (or cuts), a princess folder, a princess notebook, white sticky glue, a composition book and a new lunch box. Like I said she doesn't need any of these supplies besides the lunch box, at her preschool I pay a supply fee each semester and everything she needs is provided. Which is nice, but I like new school supplies and my little studios tike does too, so we got some school su-pwies for home too. After all she begs to do homework and write her letters everyday. I think it safe to say they will definitely get used.

Next week I get to crush her heart when she finds out she doesn't get to ride the big yellow bus to school.....she is very anxious to do that and get started.

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