Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What he says...some of it is absorbed

Patience is a very big word in our house.  Since Meredith was born it is used daily. 

"God grant me the patience to get through this day."
"Because counting to 10 helps mommy find her patience."
"Meredith have some patience, I will bet there in a minute!"
"Noah, where is your patience?  One second and I will get it!"
"Have Patience.....PLEASE!"

I don't think a day goes by that I don't utter the word patience to someone in this house or to myself.  In fact I don't think a day goes by that Josh doesn't utter it as well.  We are big at instilling patience in our household.  Maybe because my husband has gallons of it and I have none and hope to instill a little into our kids.  I am learning to get some of my own,  having 2 tikes has definitely helped me out.

A little background about what comes next.... At Noah's mother's day out program there is a handicapped door entrance.  It has a red button a few feet in front of it and when you press it, both door magically open.  Lots of parents stand outside the door with very patient children waiting for the doors to shut so the kids can have their turn pressing the magic button.  Not me and my kids, if the doors are already opened we just repress and walk in, I don't have time to wait for them to close and do it.  Most of the time we are rushing.  The rule is Noah presses it on the way in since he stays there and Meredith on the way out.  I established this rule after 3 weeks of them running and fighting over pressing it.  It works for them and me and my sanity.

Anyway today I was caught off guard with what happened...

"come on guys let's go, remember Noah presses the button on the way in Meredith!"

"Noah, hurry, hurry, go press the button!"

we were a good 30 feet away, 3 little kids were coming up quickly behind us, Noah looked over his shoulder at Meredith and said...

"Have pay-shens TATA!"

And that folks is what I call DAMN good parenting!

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