Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Where I'm at...

Here goes some rambling because honestly I've got nothing for you.  I'm feeling better....better, not great.  I'm still sluggish and throw up every other day to every three days.  That's great, but not at all would be so much better.  I still get  nauseated daily, but not getting sick.  Which means I'm gaining weight, I know, now I'm throwing up and gaining weight.  4lbs in a month!  4lbs!  I would like to blame it on the muscle gain since I've started back regularly at the gym, but I'm going to go with it has to do with all the shit I have been eating since I've gotten an appetite back and am not worshipping the porcelain gods!

Now if I could only do something about the extreme fatigue.  You would think officially being in my second trimester I wouldn't be not so tired. I think working out at the gym kicks my ass at night.  Although I feel great doing it and right after, I am exhausted by about 4:30.  Maybe it's the gym and the tikes that wear me down.  Hell they wore me down before I was preggers, now I'm really dragging ass!  I know, I'm not winning mother of the year award lounging on the couch.  On a good note, I have started cooking again.  The kids are happy.  They hate to eat out.  Or they don't eat out.  We buy them extravagantly priced chicken nuggets for them to waste, but if I cook at home they gobble it down.  So back to cooking it's been.

The kids are great.  Busy, but great.  Noah started mother's day out 2 days a week....he LOVES it.  He loves to ask continuously "what dat noise?"  And whenever you ask him why?  He responds with "Because said so!"  He also wants to "wide in big twuck momma!"  He says that when he sees any 18 wheeler, garbage truck or any other larger truck on the road.  When I try and explain that he can't he gets really upset and cries.  Then he ask "wanna touch twuck momma!"  He is very verbal, he knows what he wants and he tells you what he wants.  Listening to him working on forming sentences warms my heart, you can tell he is the child of a "speech teratist!"  He generally is a very good child, he listens well, he shares when told with tears, but he shares.  He doesn't get into too much trouble, but he is busy.  BUSY, BUSY, BUSY!  He never sits still, well except for when he fell asleep on the hard wood floor in front of the tv which had one of the daily soap operas on.  Is that it, soap opera?  I think I called them soap bops when I was little.  Hell I don't know, I don't watch them, this one just happen to be on and he was too tired to ask me to put toons on instead.

Meredith is Meredith.  Serious as ever.  At night she plays Dr. B.  The girl one, because my Dr. B, the boy one who is the ob, is married  to her Dr. B, the girl one who is the pediatrician.  Did you get that?  The Dr. B's are married, the boy an ob, the girl a pediatrician.  I refer to them as girl and boy, because that's what she does.  They are really man and woman, with 4 of their own busy tikes!  Anyway every night she is Dr. B, the girl one, however she delivers the baby in this scenario, like the boy one does in real life.  So I lay on the couch, sofa, floor, wherever she tells me while she checks my vitals and then the Margot's, then she yells " Call the AMBULANCER" (yes I said ambulancer, isn't it cute!) and then she starts shouting things like "Don't worry, Ms. Mandi....I'M GONNA GET THAT BABY OUT!"  Yes, I am very worried when my 3 1/2 year old shouts things like that.  How can you not worry?  I'm thinking she might be a surgeon one day....she has absolutely no bed side manners.  She is also pregnant right now.  Yes, she is also carrying a girl baby, who she has named Girl Tate.  It's more of a double first name then a first and middle name.  Every morning I hear...."Momma your belly is getting so big!"  And I thank her for noticing those 4lbs I put on this month.  Then she retorts with "well look at mine it's getting so big too!  Don't you think?"  So then I comment on her every growing belly.  She is seriously too much, her imagination is awesome.  I love it!

Speaking of growing belly, today a few ladies in my circuit training class noticed the baby bump.  It is there.  I was 17 weeks with Meredith before I showed.  I'm still wearing all of my own jeans and shirts.  Although the bump is totally there.  I mean it is hard to hide it in yoga pants and a tight fitting yoga shirt.  Oh well, I'm preggers right.  

So there you go internets, that's where I'm at.....what about you?  What's going on?


Amy said...

What is it about boys and trucks??
Yesterday Mike arrived home driving a big moving truck. (He had to deliver some greeting card fixtures to New Orleans.)

Jack saw the truck pull up and walked toward it, mouth agape!

If I had to compare it to something, it would have to be my reaction if I ever met up with "Brangelina" on the streets or something. He was in total awe!

And then...when Mike emerged from said big truck Jack just lost it! He thought it was the coolest thing ever!

Nothing new on our end. STILL.LIVING.WITH.MY.INLAWS.

But on the plus brick floor kitchen is being put in this week:)

jennlagdavis said...

I LOVE the speech terarist part! Mikey calls my sister a Speech & Carrots -- Don't know why, since he can say pretty much anything, but something about the word Therapist does nothing for him. LOL

So Ms Mandi - you too in his eyes are a Speech & Carrots!