Friday, April 9, 2010

Almost 4

Dear Meredith,

Four years ago on this very morning my water broke.  I was 37 weeks pregnant and miserable.  I was swollen from head to foot and 45+lbs more than I weighed when I peed on that stick 8 months prior.  I was so ready for you to make your way into the world, for many reasons.  One I couldn't wait to meet you, but also because I knew if you stayed inside of me any longer I was sure to burst like a water balloon and that would just be gross.

But on this very morning 4 years from today, the morning of April 9, 2006, I woke up at 5:30am and waddled to the bathroom, probably for the 3rd time since midnight, then I waddled back to bed and woke your dad up and told him my water had broke.  He jumped up and then I told him I was only kidding, but asked if he could please switch sides of the bed with me because I couldn't sleep.  An hour later my water really did break on his side of the bed, and this time I had to be very convincing to get your dad to believe me.  I got up and showered and then headed to the hospital where they confirmed that my water had indeed broken. 

You were born 17 and a half grueling hours later.  Yes, 12:03am exactly on April 10, 2006.  I went through 17 and a HALF hours of labor WITHOUT an epidural.  And not by epidural didn't work and when they came in 5 hours later to administer me another one, that one didn't work either.  Your labor was hard.  I wound up with a c-section because after 17 AND A HALF HOURS I had never made it past FOUR CENTIMETERS.  You can't deliever a baby until you are at 10....I had a long way to go and it just wasn't happening.  And you just weren't cooperating.  Your heartbeat started to drop and that's when Dr. B said it was time to get you out.  Surgery.....a c-section....the words I never wanted or planned on hearing.  To say I was scared would be the understatement of the year.  In fact, I decided to head home instead.  Being miserable and pregnant was not that bad compared to surgery.  Dr. B and your dad didn't think that idea was too bright, so they made me go ahead with the surgery.

Your labor and delivery is not one I will ever forget.  Or you for that matter, I will tell it to you year after year, until I can't remember it anymore due to dementia.  And then I fully expect you to tell it to me again and again.  Because it is the beginning of a beautiful and exciting story.  The story of your life.  And I know as your story continues and takes many different twist and turns, it will be wonderful, because you are wonderful. 
I love you so much my big girl!  And like your momma, you fully believe in the birthday week and I am so glad we get to share our birthday week together.  Happy day before your birthday bug!


My big girl in her party clothes for her school birthday party!  Meredith, I asked if Noah and I could come to school today for your party and take some pictures.  You  looked at me like I had grown a third head and said..." brothers or moms at the party...okay?"

Last night I got home late with your cake, you were already sleeping, but you were super impressed this morning when I showed it to you though.

Your two most favorite colors in the pink and hot blue!


allison said...

Sweet story! I'm so scared of c-sections!

jennlagdavis said...

Happy Birthday Meredith!!

ohhhh Mandi, I am right there with you on the deciding to leave rather than going thru with the c-section. With Mikey. after the 4th attempt on the spinal, I said, OK, I don't want to do this anymore, let's go back to the room!