Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What he new favorite saying

On Monday the kids and I headed back to the ENT to see Dr. H.  We love Dr. H as I mentioned below.  He is "a funny guy" as Meredith would put it.  Anyway when it came to Noah's turn to get in the big chair to have his ears checked out, he jumped right in and sat as still as can be, which is saying a lot for my Noah man who constantly has ants in his pants.  When he was done he told Noah "You can hop down, but you and momma have to come back in, in two weeks to let me see those ears again, okey dokey?"

And Noah looked right up at him with his biggest grin and said "OKIE OKIE!"

To which Dr. H said "Sounds good okey dokey!"

And Noah giggled and again said "OKIE OKIE!"

It's now his new favorite saying and I have to admit, mine too!

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