Thursday, July 8, 2010

Only Noah

Noah has a love affair with black and white cookies.  Do you know what they are?  Oreos.  Double Stuffed are the best, but any kind will do.  The only way he will eat the entire cookie is with a glass of milk and really can you blame him.  If not he is a big fan of just removing the middle. 

I seriously have to limit the boy's consumption of black and white cookies.  It is nothing to find him in the pantry helping himself.  Or he can come down in the wee hours of the early morning and help himself before he comes to my bedroom to let me know he is awake and wants to play at a very indecent hour. 

Needless to say we always have a pack of black and white cookies in the pantry for a snack or an after dinner treat.  And while we are on the topic of snacking I will say I have a system that works pretty well for us....or at least did.  The kids get two snacks a day.  One in the morning and one in the afternoon.  While one snack must be a healthy snack, the other is a "junk" snack.  By junk snack I mean a few oreos, fudge round, cookies, fruit snacks, gold fish or some other pretty unhealthy processed food that is very appealing in the grocery.  The healthy snack will consist of cheese, fresh fruit, or yogurt. 

And true to my children's personalities, I see where it even affects their snacking habits.  While Meredith, who is my typical type A, first born child, will think this through and really decide at what point she wants the healthy snack and the "junk" snack and over think this decision until she is too worried about it to eat a snack at all, my other typical second child who  has the "I don't give a shit" attitude, doesn't think about it he just eats and when he has already consumed his "junk" snack he goes behind my back and helps himself to anything in the pantry.

I long suspected this and even caught him red-handed a few times.  It's hard to hide all that chocolate on your face when you are two.  But yesterday my suspicions were confirmed and made me realize this happens way more than I think it does.  It was time for the afternoon snack and it was deemed the "junk" snack.  So while Meredith still chose a go-gurt, Noah decided to have a few black and white cookies.  After fetching them from the pantry I opened them to find this....a bunch of  "bwoke" cookies.

So he started digging through the bag and pulling out halves of oreos with the white cream licked off and piling them onto his napkin....

After examining all the cookies and licking the cream off of the one or two he did find still intact, he deemed that they were "bwoke" and he needed new "back and white cookies momma!"

I think I may just have to find a lock for that pantry or place the snacks on the very top shelf....although I am not sure either of those things will stop the cookie monster!


Amy said...

Oh my God, bless his little heart! That is the cutest thing ever!! He's adorable!

Blair said...

That is precious! I love it! Charlotte just likes the middle too!